Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I'm buying this week: Giant and CVS.

Have you started getting your coupons? If you have, there are some good deals to be had.

At Giant I'll be buying:
3 Packages of Italian sausage and brats.
4 packages of Huggies baby wipes
5 packages of Dixie plates and cups
1 spiral sliced ham
12 packages of Capri Sun drinks
1 kraft bbq sauce

I will use:
3 Buy 3 get 1 free Capri sun coupons. (got these two weeks ago, Express Times)
2 ($1) off 2 Baby wipes from Today's Express.
1- get an extra 30 cents off per gallon when you spend $50 from this weeks Giant circular.

I will receive: $1.10 off per gallon of gas, $7 Instant savings for the Capri Suns, so my total should be just over $50 for all of the above, plus $30 in gas. I would do this more than once if things weren't so up in the air right now...more on that later.

Also worth noting: Giant has pretty decent looking asparagus and strawberries for reasonable prices right now: The asparagus is $1.99 a lb, and the strawberries are bogo for $3.99, making them about two bucks a container. These are my "treat" prices- meaning, it's not cheap enough to go buy a ton, but if there's some wiggle room in the grocery budget MissAngelTween and I will have some roasted asparagus. No one else likes it.

CVS has some good freebies as well:
Allegra allergy medicine is $6.49. Some papers got a $7 off one, but the Express didn't. I haven't looked at the Star Ledger yet, but if you got this coupon, that's a no brainer. Free Allergy medicine? Yes, please.

L'oreal skin/haircare has a deal this week, when you buy $25 you get $10 extrabucks. These are $25 after sale prices, but BEFORE coupons. It's only certain items, so make sure you are certain before you make your selections. I like to get the Go 360's when this sale comes around, they are MissAngelTween's fave. I still have about a dozen from the last two sales, so I won't be partaking, but you can do this deal if you've got the coupons:

Buy 6- Go360Clean face washes with the little scrublet.
Use 6- $1 off 1 L'oreal cleanser coupons from the Express Times 3/04.
Total Pre coupon: $26.34
Total after coupons: $20.34
Get $10 in store credit. (Extra buck coupon) in the coupon world they'd say that you spent $10 on 6, but remember, you really actually did spend $20. It's important to actually keep track of the cash you are spending, because it's super easy to overspend when you are getting items 70% to 90% off.

I probably am going to grab some of the tums freshers: they are on sale for $3.99, with a $1.75 off one coupon in today's Express, and a $1 extrabuck reward.

Also worth noting: Free contact solution! Buy one Complete multipurpose contact solution at $8.99, get $8.99 in store credit.

What I would do this week if I was stocking up:

$1- Buy the contact solution. Get the extrabucks.

#2- Get 6 of the L'oreal cleansers. Use the $8.99 Extra bucks to bring my out of pocket down to $11.35. Get $10 in Extra bucks.

#4- Go back through the store and select Easter Candy items, plus the tums freshers, and use coupons that are available for those. There are a lot of coupon databases available, as usual, I like to use or to get an idea of what's available before I head out. Or, I may take the $10 EBs and get 4 cases of coke.

If you prefer Revlon products, there's a pretty sweet deal on those as well: Buy $15, get $7 back. I used my $1 off Revlon coupons ages ago, but if you've got them, there's some interesting deals floating around out there.

Keep in mind, these are just the deals that I'm doing this week. I encourage you to check out for the mommas for more detailed ideas- I'm NOT filling up my stock pile right now, so my grocery shopping is pretty minimal.

Now I have to go hug my youngest. I made her get off my lap long enough to type this and I think she now needs epic amounts of therapy.



Anonymous said...

Ruggieros might not give out gas points, but they make some damn good sausage! Eating giant sausage is blasphemy!!!

lovinangels said...


lovinangels said...

Actually, bratwurst are included in the sale, so we may get those- you just have to buy 3 to get the gas points, so I can still have my gas points and not offend the sausage gods, right?

Becky said...

I am looking for those Allegra coupons-didn't get any in my mcall.

lovinangels said...

They were in the Star Ledger. I should have looked last night, I'm sorry. I'm going to drop the kids one in the mail for you (I'll need the adult) along with the pediasure if you still use them.