Monday, March 26, 2012

Couponing; Step 1- get coupons

Okay, uber-success! Day 2 or 3 or 4 or something and I'm posting again. Well, I've actually started several posts, but getting them all the way done without having a meltdown is kind of an issue.

So, this is one of those deal getting posts aimed at all the t-mobile people about to be either jobless, or surprisingly on an almost impromptu road trip to the land of enchantment. (more on that later)

The first part of couponing is obviously, well, having coupons. As in, more than one. Of each. I like three to four papers a week. This gives me enough to complete most drug store deals and most gas deals that I like. Locally, I buy one Star Ledger, Two Express Times, and then I bum one paper's worth of coupons off a friend or relative if I need more. (Love all of you. :D)

I find this is a good ratio for me. Other options including buying clipped coupons on the web, which is, of course, not legal, but it is done quite often. It is almost always necessary to have more than one of a coupon to get the cheapest price per item.

A printer is also kind of a good thing to have. Coupon deals have been done for ages without one and will continue to be done without them, but some of the best coupons show up online, so you are at a disadvantage if you don't print. Remember to shut off your color and print in black and white for the cheapest printables.

You will also need to sort your coupons: I keep a basket of hefty gallon sized bags labelled by date next to the couch, but I'm currently working on something a little less dumpster chic. I do NOT cut coupons until I need them. Waste of time and not nearly as easy to find.

So that's step one. Get some coupons. Up tomorrow: Where to find out what coupons are going to show up in your paper.


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