Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I'm thankful for today-pancake breakfasts and smart little girls

In the midst of all that is going on right now (more on that later), I need to take a minute to think about how thankful I am about all I have. Oh, I keep saying, "more on that later" because there are huge changes coming in our lives, big, epic changes and I have to actually TALK to everyone involved rather than posting a blog post and then dealing with my phone ringing off the hook. So until I actually GET to talk to everyone (and I think some of you are being deliberately evasive) I will keep saying "more on that later."

This morning started off badly. Right around 8 am a gigantic semi lumbered down the street and woke up the dog, who freaked out maniacally and ran about the house barking like the idiot that she is. The baby promptly sat up, grabbed a handful of my hair, yanked at it, and shouted, "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, let's go downstairs. The middle child shouted back, "leave me alone! I'm trying to sleep!"-That's my girl!

They've been shouting at each other ever since. I got breakfast orders shouted at me..(remember your good manners) then re-phrased and shouted again with the quick addition of "please" at the end. "I want cereal, I want juice, I want bagels, PLEASE." The K cup couldn't wake me up fast enough, in fact, my eyes still have that burning sensation that says I didn't sleep enough.

Big Yawn.

Today I'm thankful for yesterday, when I woke up to coffee already made for me with sugar in it so it was fantastic. I don't put sugar in my own coffee, too many calories, so my husband's coffee is like starting the day off with a fabulous creme brulee. I'm thankful I didn't have to deal with the breakfast demands as he made pancakes with strawberries and chocolate chips in them and the kids had several helpings and I had guilt.

I'm thankful that my middle child is smart enough to look at the pre-school work sheets I printed out for her and let me know that they aren't advanced enough, as she yanks them off the printer and completes them before I have a chance to go over the instructions with her. Maybe I should be a little more aware of these things? Or maybe I should wait till after the third cup of coffee for preschool?


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