Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around...

Otherwise titled, Don't be a schmuck to your parents if you have reproductive organs.

 So, most anyone who knows me knows I struggled with an eating disorder most of teenage years and part of my twenties. I managed to get my almost five eight frame down to a scant 103 lbs...and I got a size zero to be BIG. Man, was I proud. Fast forward fifteen years and three pregnancies, and I'm ashamed of that time. Plus, with an oldest child that is literally the proverbial bean pole, I worry constantly that the kids don't eat enough, or that they will struggle one day with their body image or self esteem the way I did.

 You know, the same kids that tell me on a daily basis how awesome they are. I didn't say it was grounded in reality.

 My eating problems ended with a bang the day my then two year old looked at me and said she was fat. I knew then I had to make a change, a big one, and we went and bought CAKE. Because nothing says functional like a bulimic with a chocolate cake...oh well, we ate that night. Like crazy queens. I got rid of my scales and my full length mirrors, and decided to learn to eat again.

 That went well.

 Looking back at the bad time, though, I think I must have scared my dad pretty badly. He relented on his usual dollar-value-only stance and bought me anything I would put in my mouth, which at the time was a strange blend of carefully portioned french fries, egg whites, grilled chicken, and random vegetables, washed down with coffee and diet coke. Yes, Future Heather is dutifully appalled at Past Heather. So, my dad loves to tell the story of the time he took me to the beach and I refused to order anything but an egg white omelette filled with broccoli. It was something like seven or eight dollars when everybody else's meal was cheap...and it was gross. I mean, really gross, and I didn't eat much of it at all. I'm pretty sure he finished it, just so as not to waste it, and the telling of that story became part of our summer beach ritual.

 Well, let it never be said I didn't get mine...I had gotten some breakfast bowls made with egg whites, and was thrilled to find out that MissAngelLittleGirl (she's not a baby anymore!) would eat scrambled eggs. I'm like, thrilled, because I LOVE to make scrambled eggs with real butter and cream and cheese for breakfast. (Told you I got over it.) So I make her real scrambled eggs...and she HATES them. Bloody well tells me I can't cook. Fortunately, I don't have self esteem issues anymore...and then it occurs to me...maybe I should just make her the whites. I don't love the idea, because now, like my dad, I hate to waste food. Pouring out that little chicken fetus is abhorrent...but I do it. And yeah, she only wants to eat the whites. Eats them like a little champ.  Tasteless, butterless, cream-less, yummy-less, I douse my portion in salsa and hot sauce and force it down, because heaven knows, I'm not going to throw it out.

What's that they say about apples?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

King Soopers deals for Coloradians

Hey, Colorado Peeps,

I had a good trip to King Soopers today, so I thought I'd post up some things I haven't seen making the rounds just yet.

I'm sure everybody knows about the free toothpaste: Colgate, ten for ten, minus any number of recent doubled coupons. There was one in the 1/06 if you're not sure.

Pillsbury grands! are $1, with a bunch of coupons available to make them .70 cents each.  Check out the Smart Source from last Sunday's paper with all the gm coupons in it. (1/06).

At my King Soopers, (the one on Cheyenne Mountain), they also have Pillsbury Pie Crusts for $1. The last paper that had a coupon for that one is the 12/09, and it's .50/2. If you've still got that hanging out, they will be a very, very reasonable .50 each. Not sure if this is a manager special, or just that store, but worth digging out that q just in case. . . I was sad I didn't have mine with me!

Beechnut fruities are just a dollar, and I had a printable q for a $1 off one stage four or five item, final cost: free.

Kens salad dresssings are just .25 after $1/1 9 oz dressing. (1/13 RP)

There is ONE flavor of Newton Thins (that my husband has adamently refused to eat despite them only being .84 after printable coupon, printed today on Another clearance sale, but hey, you can't take advantage of it if you don't have the coupon, right?

Playtex Living gloves: They're buy one get one free, and there's a stand down at the bottom of either the pet food section or the candle section, I can't remember which, that has a hangtag type q for a free thing of wet ones when you buy two. I had a recently acquired printable for $1 off one to stack with it, so I got two packages of gloves and a package of wet wipes for $3.

Lots of make up clearance: I saw Covergirl, and L'oreal, and I got all excited and stopped there. I did leave a couple of the clearance mascaras for the rest of you, lol...but take a couple of printables for $3/2 from L'oreal's website and the $3/2 Covergirl q's from 12/31 if you're still hanging on to them.

I also got a free can of tuna from printing a $1/1 Chicken of the Sea coupon off their facebook page today

I spent $17 on $80 worth of product today if you don't count the ten dollar diapers I had to buy. Just one pack, because MissAngelBaby went on the potty all day today, so I don't want to invest in a deal. But she ruined my whole total with her stubborn lack-of-potty training.


Friday, December 14, 2012

for Michelle

I think this is easiest. Deals this week:
Purex crystals, buy one get one free. No coupons available, but still should be a good price. Check to be sure.
 Paper towels: the deal I told you about. Use one printable and find the December coupon book in the front of the store. Scott's Naturals on sale for $4, minus $1 in coupon book and $1.25 printable.
 tape:.39 Use in ad coupon. I bought several at this price.
Walgreen's diapers are bogo. I don't know if you've tried them, but I think they are fine. G
ood colour collection barrettes will give you a coupon for two dollars of your next order when you buy ONE. Don't try to buy more than one in the same transaction. They are two dollars, so if you get yourself those in one transaction then use that coupon in your next transaction, they are free.
Reynold's wrap, two for $3, 30 square foot. No coupons available for this size.
Hefty zip bags, bogo, $3.49, coupon RP 11/11/12 $1.50 off two.
Nice! seasoning, .79 with in ad coupon.
Huggies: $6.49 after $3 coupon here.
Don't forget you need a balance rewards card at Walgreens to get the sale prices. You can sign up in store or online.

Sprouts: All ground meats are 50 percent off. So beef is $2.29 a lb, that's the cheapest I've seen it out here. but they do mean all, so check it out and see what will work for you.
blackberries, .99 each
canned pumpkin, .99 each
organic baby carrots, .99
white cheddar cheese, $2.99 lb

King Soopers:
Canned veggies: .50
Milk $2.19 gal
butter $2 lb
Ham, .99-$1.69
7 up: ten for ten, talk of peelies, and I think there was a coupon in last week's paper.
cuties clementines, $3.99-.50 coupon from 12/02 SS

Kraft items, buy six, get six dollars off instantly, prices shown are with discount.
GM cereals: shown in ad: trix, cocoa puffs. $1.99: various coupons available
Kraft cheese: $1.99- there's a on the slices making them $1.
Progresso recipe starters. These are $1 after discount and completely free if you have the coupon for .50 off one from 11/04. This will double to $1.
Velveeta cheesy skillets, $1.99 after discount.
Kraft mac and cheese,  5 pack, 3.29, coupon for $1 off three in last weeks paper.
Gevalia coffee: $5.49 after discount minus $1.50 on one in last week's paper

$5 Friday:
heat and eat bbq ribs
Nestle Morsels: $3 for five coupon here.
Fritos or cheetos: $3 for five.

CandH sugar, $1.99, various coupons available
10 lbs potatoes, russet, $1.99
IBC rootbeer, $2 for six
Frappacino. $3.99- in ad coupon
20 pack pepsi, $5.49-in ad coupon
Hefty paper plates after Just4U coupon, $1.99

I will get you Target ideas tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

King Soopers ideas: 11/28

I'm not loving the ad preview this week at King Soopers, but there are a couple of things that are at a low(er) price than normal, so you can grab them if you are running low. I'm not seeing many stock up prices, but definitely a couple of 'hold-you-over' prices.

 Cereals: GM cereals are $1.99 a box: You can get Honey nut cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and regular cheerios as cheap as .99 each with various printable coupons. Chex are as low as $1.49 a box with coupons from the 11/11 smart source. There's a savingstar rebate available on yellow box cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

If you use hamburger helper, it's as low as .66 a box with the .75 off 3 from the 11/11 smart source. Ground beef is $2.99/lb.

Bar-S hot dogs are on sale for $1, so .50 a pack if you have a coupon from the 10/07 red plum. The Hot dog rolls are on sale for $1 this week, so even if you don't have the coupon, that could be a pretty cheap meal.

Prego sauce is $1.99 a jar, and there's a .40 off two coupon available. This is not even a "buy" price for me, but if you need sauce, it may be better than what you normally pay.

There's a rumor that Bailey's coffee creamer will be $1.89 this week. I have to check that, but that would make those .89 cents after $1/1 coupon from the 11/18. That's something I'll be stocking up on!

This is not the full list. I won't get a full ad till Wednesday, and I'll TRY to update Thursday.


Wednesday Sprouts Trip

Here's what will be coming home with my husband from sprouts this week:
Roma Tomatoes: .49 lb
Avocados: .49 each
Sirloin, $3.99 a lb.
Chicken sausage: $2.99 a lb
Green beans, .99 a lb
Pears: .99 a lb
Oranges: .49 a lb.
Apples: .77 a lb

Worth mentioning but not for me:
$3.99 ez peel shrimp