Blog Roll- I can't stop reading these guys...

The Bloggess- She's hilarious. And drops the eff bomb like crazy, so I don't read her with the kids in front of me. "Mommy, what's the word...."

dear Crissy- she's giving away a kitchenaid standmixer, so I'm totally stalking her. I'm afraid it may become a problem.

I wanna be a dad. I'm pulling for this guy. I want him to have dozens of fat, happy babies crawling all over him. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

BassGiraffe's thoughts. It's a totally cool name. BassGiraffe. I love it. And she picked me to be a feature once. I'm like a loyal puppy, pet me once and I'm yours forever.

A new favorite! very pretty!

The Positive Kismet. I need to find out what I Kismet is, but the pictures are beautiful and the writing just makes you...breathe. Strange sounding, I know.

TexaGermaNadian. She had me at beer...sniff..

Time Well Spent. Suze is a rare talent, indeed.
This list is a work in progress. I just randomly decided to do it four point five seconds ago. So it will grow in the next couple of weeks. If I'm over running my mouth at your blog and you don't see yourself here and want to, shoot me an email.