Friday, December 17, 2010

Judgy mommies...Shut up, already!

Every mommy is doing it wrong according to somebody. I promise.

Before I go all rambly, let me show you what I'm looking at: A mom blogger over at the stir, talking about her experience with breast feeding, postpartum depression, formula and her husband's reaction.

He told her to stop breast feeding. Eventually, she did. She needed anti-depressants, people. This kind of thing, when it goes untreated, causes people to kill their children in horrific fashions, and then we all look at each other and say, "how does this stuff happen?"

Look at the comments below the blog if you head over there. The mommies show up, en mass, to berate her for choosing to formula feed so she could get help for her depression, even going as far as insulting her husband for not being more supportive.

Um, okay. Ladies, she gave it the old college try. Breast feeding isn't FOR everyone. Just because you laid down with your perfectly shaped, gorgeous newborn, clad in a 100% organic cotton onesie that was hand knit by a person you met on the Internet and shipped to you via fed ex, had a perfect latch and then produced several gallons of milk a day, all while looking perfect and losing more weight than you gained with said precious baby, does NOT MEAN that everyone CAN or SHOULD breast feed.

Yes. We all know, breast is best. I feel thoroughly justified in my rant-y high-horsed-ness right now, as I am STILL NURSING my eighteen month old daughter. Because, I DO produce buckets of milk and I only get the mild, normal baby blues brought on by the lapse of the pregnancy hormones.  I could probably produce enough milk for an entire proverbial village.

Now, back to your corners, girls. Play nice.

As mothers, sisters, daughters, etc etc and so forth...we should really be more supportive of each others decisions. Really. Because unless a mommy is slipping some Bailey's into the bottle, the reality is, that decision is theirs. And we are all doing SOMETHING someone else disagrees with.

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Amanda said...

Totally agree! Mommies are much harsher on each other than anyone else :( Sometimes its just beyond an opinion when someone is trying but cant...whatever. Breastfeed, cloth diaper, you name it someone hates it! Great post!