Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Joy and Love

I wake up every morning and know that I am blessed.

I get to stay at home all the time with my sweet little girls, except for the two nights a week I go to work, which I also love.

I have a wonderful new house, which some would not say was wonderful, but it's wonderful to me.

I get to go to the grocery store. Every time I need something. There is no waiting till Friday when we are out of milk, there are no hungry bellies in this house. I may work a little harder than the average bear at producing our food...but the only part I hate about that is the fact that there is NO SUCH THING as a dish fairy.

We have a fresh cut tree, decorated at this point half way up, since the youngest child keeps hurling Christmas balls at her sister with lightning speed while my excessively hairy jackass dog scratches her nether regions on the lower branches.

We got to take the kids to see the Santa Cow. Who is strangely less scary than some of the actual Santas out there.

I get to write this blog and have THREE WHOLE PEOPLE read it! Which is three more than I ever thought would!

I've been so touched recently to see all the Christmas cheer going around. I'm going to stick with the stories of the Santa who gives out hundred dollar bills to people in need and the Bloggess giving out gift cards to families to buy presents for kids and the stacks of toys in the Toys for Tots bin and the fact that there is some good will left.

I'm so excited for Christmas, knowing each girl got exactly what they wanted- even though we had to be a little creative to get it done...and seeing the joy in MissLittleAngel's eyes when she just THINKS about Christmas morning. Imagine the sparkles in her eyes when she sees her car that morning.

Oh, I just can't wait. I'm so blessed.

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc, etc, and so forth.

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