Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh. King Aurthur's Flour sells STUFF

Not just STUFF.

Baking STUFF.

Powdered cheese. Really. The kind to sprinkle on top of freshly baked cheddar crackers to give you the I've-just-eaten-a-snack-food coating on your fingers and here's the very best part, the most utterly fabulous news in the whole world: You can actually read and understand the ingredients.

Pain au chocolate sticks.  Perfectly shaped little sticks of chocolate to wrap homemade croissant dough around.  Baker's special dry make your loaves rise higher... The English muffin rings I've been looking EVERYWHERE for. I knew they sold FLOUR...I didn't know they sold STUFF. I should probably block the site right now and for at least two months after Christmas since my husband actually threatened to wrap flour up and give it to me as a gift...but it's a testament to my self control that I haven't loaded up a hundred dollar cart..or any cart at all.

I stumbled across this site looking for a decent recipe for in, to make them, not make something out of them, and well, I'm still looking. I've seen several...some call for baker's ammonia (eh?) some look kind of long, and some call for a food processor, which I don't have. So I'm still looking for a decent recipe, and marveling at the fact that I now find cooking tools as exciting as shoes.

Ok, maybe a little more exciting than shoes.


Peter said...

Thank you. My wife had a rather serious injury and so I am trying to teach myself how to cook, beyond those meals I learned in college so we don't starve.

Meanwhile, so you know, if you care, I am clicking on some of The Bloggess' comments, looking at new to me blogs. And look! I learned something!

lovinangels said...

Well, thanks for stopping by! and cooking is super easy once you get used to it!

lovinangels said...

Ps...I love the Bloggess!