Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I'm buying this week- King Soopers

It's going to be a slow couponing week for me, guys. Did you get your papers this week? You can't coupon without coupons! There are a couple of can't miss deals this week...especially if you have a little one!

P&G is offering a mini-mega sale. At a mega sale, you purchase a certain number of products to get a specified dollar amount off instantly at check out. P&G is taking four dollars off when you buy four.

Drumroll, please!

Can you say FREE wipes. Yes. I said that. FREEE Pampers baby wipes.

In order to accomplish this, you need about...wait for it... FOUR 10/28 P&G inserts. This, ladies, is why I say to buy four papers. Even if it's JUST the paper the day the P&G comes out, get four. Of the post. Not the Gazette. The post.

Or just one, whatever. For the deal to be completely free, though, you'd want four coupons.

But remember, just because it's not free doesn't mean it's not a good deal. If you cut down your grocery bill at ALL, you are doing better than most. And free will come to you eventually. It must. If you just stick to it, you will, I promise, get free items. So if you don't have four .50 off one coupons to make the following deal happen, don't cry:
Buy 4 Pampers wipe packs at $1.99 each.
-$4 in instant savings for the P&G deal
- $4 coupons (4 doubled .50 coupons, p&g 10/28)
= ZERO dollars. Plus between 16 and 30 cents for the crazy taxes around here.

But, you say, you only have ONE P&G flyer to use?
Just one, lonely and slightly picked over flyer?

Try this for a deal:
Get one BIG bottle of dawn detergent $2.99
Get one BIG premium bottle of dawn $2.99 the hand renewal, the oxi
Get one Secret deodorant $1.29
Get one pampers wipes $1.99
four dollar discount when you buy four
add this e-coupon to your card
then use:
$1 Secret
$.50 Dawn
$.75 Premium dawn
$.50 pampers wipes

And your grand total: wait for it...wait for it... .29 cents pre-tax. I can't tell you what the tax will be, because I don't know which section of town you are shopping in!

Do you see where I'm going with this? What deals do you see?
You can have cheap:
Oil of Olay cleansers
Febreze air fresheners
Lower cost Tide pods (not at my buy price, though!)
Lower cost Bounce bars or dryer sheets (not at my buy price, but better if you need them)

Also, I think we need to talk about this free milk deal. That's something I'm going to be taking advantage of. Did you sign up for saving star? Did you?  Do it! I've got to check pricing out of the cereals and baked goods to work out a deal for tomorrow, but for now, get those p&g coupons going!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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