Friday, November 9, 2012

Online rewards programs-worth the time

Make no mistake, if you click on one of the links below and sign up, I'm going to get paid. Period. This is taking my time, and I'm posting my affiliate links. If you sign up for something and want your affiliate link posted, do so in the comments.

I do a lot of online reward programs. A lot.

I'm going to be on the computer, and therefore, I should get paid for it, you know?

The below are the most profitable. Yes, I've received actual money and/or gift cards from the following:
Swagbucks. When I first started this blog, I'd decided I was going to pay for Christmas with swagbucks. That was an epic failure. What I have been able to do is earn over five hundred dollars in Amazon gift cards simply by using their search engine, printing coupons on here instead of, and doing the occasional survey. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INSTALL THE TOOLBAR TO EARN!

Shop At Home. Set up a profile, go to this site, search where you want to shop online today. I highly recommend doing this before cyber Monday. Well, if you are me. They send a percentage back of each of your purchases. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ENABLE THE TOOL BAR. Just sign up and don't forget to go to before you make any online purchases. I've received back several hundred dollars on items I was buying anyway, so well worth the quick sign up. By far one of my favorites! Sign up, add your store loyalty cards, then choose coupons you like. Savings post about 30 days after you make your purchase in the form of a rebate. Get to five bucks, redeem for an Amazon gift card or paypal. Simple, sweet, easy. New coupons tend to post on Thursdays. My favorites are the One or many offers, those can be combined with coupons to get more savings.

I have several more programs to post, but I have more to do today. Happy savings!


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