Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walgreen's follow up

SO, I'm back, an entire week later, mostly because I've been crazy, crazy busy with real, you know, actual work. Blah. It really was busy, though, so that was nice. Catch up: the Almay deal I posted about didn't work, so I took advantage of the John Frieda deal to get me to my coveted $40,000 points. There was a $2 off any frizz ease item in a paper not long ago, so I grabbed two of those for some leave in conditioner spray and serum. That came to 16.49, $1.49 over the needed $15 to get my 3,000 points.

 I then got:
two packs of pull ups
1 bottle of soothing ear drops
4-4 packs of frappacino. Yeah, I don't know how to spell that.
Dial Hello Kitty body wash for little girls
 4 bottles of Rimmel foundation
1 bag of lindt truffles
2 bars of ghirardelli chocolate
2 bags of dunkin donuts coffee
 And I feel like I'm missing something. Probably am. Oh, well. It's a guide, not a Bible. Total of $80 pre-coupon and point redemption, $14 after. Here's a hint: save receipts. You never know when you are going to find a rebate. I highly recommend having a coupon cabinet: tuck your receipts into a file in your cabinet. Then, when you hear about a rebate that you've already gotten the items for, you just go dig out your receipt. So, I spent $27 at Walgreen's yesterday on over $100 in items. Couponing lessons from this Walgreens trip: 1) Buy items in groups to gain points. The more points you save, the higher the value of the point is. If you redeem five thousand points, points equal five dollars, but if you redeem 40,000, it's equal to fifty dollars. When you hear me say, I had to buy five of something to get the cheaper price, this is often what I mean. 2) DO NOT TRY to earn points in the same transaction as you spend them. It won't work. Bad things will happen. The earth will end. Okay, not really, but the customer service agents I got stuck talking to were mean and unprofessional. It took me two escalations to speak to someone with a modicum of logic. 3) You can use coupons to maximize your points, too, just like you would with your real money. Or you can save them for something frivolous, no judgement here.

More to come! I'm in a mood!

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