Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I'm buying this week (Sprouts)

Okay, here's my list for the coming week, my can't miss deals that will be filling up my stockpile, and the deals I'm looking out for.

Sprouts: my fave store always!

Friday-Sunday Sale, don't miss deals:
$1 organic canned pumpkin,
$1 blackberries
$1 cranberries
Medium grass fed, Rsbt free cheddar, $2.99 lb

Early bird Thanksgiving Sale: November 7-14th (yeah, they've got three separate ads this week!)
.69 brown rice in the bulk bins

Regular ad:
Oranges, .50 a lb.
Bananas, .49 a lb. (This is a good price out here. I miss home.)
Organic Gala apples, .88 lb
Organic pomegranates, $1.50 each
Bulk bin Roasted Almonds $3.99 a lb
Organic baby carrots: $1.25 a lb
Organic bosc pears, $2.99 for a $3 lb bag
$1.99 a lb/ chicken breast tenders or chicken breasts
$2.99 a lb chicken sausage (Their sausage is soooo yummy, and no nitrates!)

We also get our milk here. They have a natural milk that comes in a reusable container. I like everything about that. I hope this list dispenses with the myth that all couponers live on processed crap. My kids eat their weight in fruits and veggies every week.  I expect to spend about $50 at Sprouts, taken from the gift cards we bought at last week's Friday Special. The organic pumpkin and the cranberries are a stock up price- I'll be getting several of each, as cranberries freeze well, and the pumpkin is, well, canned.

I'm looking for a sweet deal on dog food, still.
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