Friday, November 2, 2012

What I'm buying this week:

 Okay, So, I'm getting lots of people asking me questions about couponing, likely because I can't shut up about it! But any rate, I thought I'd post up what I'm actually spending money on, what I'm thinking about, and what is a good deal in my opinion, for the benefit of the five or six people I know on facebook.

It's not going to be fancy, guys. I've been working on this for more hours than I have already, and I'm just starting to type it out...And this is why I don't blog often any more!

Starting at Walgreens, I took advantage of the Neutrogena/Johnson buy $30, get 10,000 points deal. I'm still trying to figure out my skin in the lovely Colorado weather, so this one was one I was excited about!

I bought:
2 bottles of T-gel with a $1 off one shampoo from last weeks (10/28 Red Plum) paper
1 bottle of Neutrogena oil free moisture,
1 bottle of Deep clean scrub (3 dollars off two shelf in-store coupon, $1 peelie on item)
2 bottles of Johnson and Johnson's baby oil
2 bottles of johnson and johnson's naturals baby shampoo (1.50 off each Facebook coupon)

Spent: $30.36, received 10,000 points. Total prior to coupon and discounts: $54.76  This is really just setting me up for tomorrow, you know?
I need 1,000 points to get $35 in free products, and 11,000 to get $50 in free products. That's where this is heading! You'll often hear me say things like, I had to get "X" to get this free. "X" is always something that's on a reasonable sale, but not at an epic price. For instance, I wouldn't write anyone with a newborn and tell them to run Walgreens and buy baby oil at $2.50 a bottle. However, I needed it, along with the Shampoo and moisturizer. (Damn the Colorado Dryness!)

Now, I need one thousand more points to get me to forty dollars worth of free items, or eleven thousand to get me to fifty bucks.

Here's my general idea. This Walgreens program is a new and tricky thing, so I'm going to play it by ear today:
There's some makeup that I like, from Almay, on clearance. Almay is buy one get one fifty percent off, with two thousand points awarded when you buy two. I don't yet know if the points will be awarded on the clearance items or not. So that's going to be fun to figure out today!

So, here's my plan today:

ideally, two almay at $6 will produce 2,000 points- $2 coupons
Four organic shea products (specifically bubble bath, we're out!)- $36, get 6,000 points
Suave, spend $15, get $5,000 points: $15 prior to coupons!

Stop, stop! I'm at 13,000 points already! (If the Almay credits)

So, now, I've got $50 free dollars to spend:
so I need,

Paper towels, 3.99
Hello kitty dial body wash, bogo, plus a dollar off coupon on each, so $3.79,
Cheez Its, $1.99 each
Blue Diamond Almonds, Bogo at $3.79, minus $1 off two
$3.99 Frappacino
3-for $10 Arizona teas
$1.99 delish oj
$1.99 ghirardelli chocolate bars- $1 off tw
Buy one get one free Nivea body wash, minus $2 coupons
And, of course, some more FREE items!

Now, that's enough for now. I've still got to finish setting up my King Soopers trip, thanks to this morning's Kraft coupons that make multiple items free...or less than fifty cents! (check out!)

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