Friday, November 9, 2012

People everywhere, Start your printers!!!!!

OF course, I can't, because my printer crapped out yesterday. Just decided that my fifty dollar extra large printer cartridge wasn't going to be compatible anymore. You know, no big deal.

 Yeah, I'm so mad.

There are good coupons out today, don't forget to grab the ones you want while they are available!

buy 2, get one free milky way
Butterball Turkey coupons
FREE meow mix when you buy meow mix
save .50 on project 7 gum $1 Lindsay olives (makes them FREE at Walgreens starting Sunday)
$1 Kashi soft baked bars.
 $2 on Hormel cure 81 ham
.99 Purina cat chow
 $1 Hormel prepared entree- these often go on sale at Safeway with a free side dish. You can use a coupon to bring the cost down of an easy meal
$1 Sudafed $
1 Advil Cold and sinus. Don't wait till you have a cold to get medicine in the house. Right now is the time to find a deal so you can get it the cheapest. Since most deals require two or three or three coupons, grab them NOW and then wait for a deal.

 There are many more coupons available. These are my favorites for today...and some are only my favorites because I know some of you have cats. I don't, particularly, so please don't think I'm stocking up with cat food for the zombie apocalypse.

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