Thursday, November 8, 2012

King Soopers free and cheap items

To find coupons: I highly recommend you visit For the Momma's coupon database. I don't have time to pair them up completely as of right now, this is a list of what I'm buying with the coupons I already had on hand. I recommend that you acquire two to four sets of newspaper coupons each week, whether you beg, borrow, dumpster dive, whatever, it's up to you. MOST good deals require more than one coupon. I personally have two papers delivered and buy one to two more. Around here, the Denver Post gets the best coupons, and that is available at Wal*mart and for delivery.
 King Soopers, buy ten, save $5 instantly at check out. I've done up to four of these deals in one transaction and had it work fine.

Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows, .49 each. -$1 off 2 q from free.
Carnation evaporated milk, .49 each, -1 off 2 q from or last weeks paper=free
Minute rice= $1.69- facebook coupon, doubled to a dollar, .69
stove top stuffing, .79, minus $1 off two, .29 each
Heluva good dips, q on website, .50 doubled, .69 each. (great little girl sleepover item!)
Boulder Chips, $1 off one printable, .49 each
I can't believe it's not butter spread, $1 off, .89 each
jello pudding cups, $1 off two printable, buy four and get a Catalina for three dollars off your next order
Gerber juice, 1.59, minus $2 off three coupon, and a catalina printing over three juices purchased
Pillsbury crescent and sweet rolls, $1.88, minus $1 doubled printable coupon, check database
annies natural mac and cheese- .69 each, without a coupon!
imagine broths- $1 after printable q on their website, I think
Simplait yogurts, .50 each, multiple q's available for .30 off one, which doubles, making them free
Kashi crackers, $2 off 2 from recyclebank
International Delight creamer, $2.49 for 32 oz, coupon available on website, Savingstar rebate of five dollars when you buy $15.

Remember, you MUST buy everything but the yogurts above in multiples of ten, otherwise you won't get the discount!

Starbucks coffee: 5.99, minus $3 off 2 either printable or newspaper q. Definitely a stock up price. I've already grabbed four bags. Don't want to clear the shelves!
Good luck, happy shopping, and let me know if this helps, hurts, confuses, or what.

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