Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Big Move...possibly

Okay, as of now everyone that needed to know does know- we are seriously considering a cross country move for my husband's company at the end of May/beginning of June. He works for a major wireless carrier and they are closing the location he works at. The job situation around here is not the worst in the country, but still pretty grim, and we are wracking our brains daily trying to figure things out, in both directions.

It's not fun. Or it is kind of fun. Not sure which. I could totally geocache my way across the country and I've seen pictures of Colorado, it looks awesome. And staying here with very few prospects of a good paying job for my hubs is uber-scary. However, all our family is here, so it would literally mean starting over completely on our own.

With new furniture. (Gotta look at the positives, you know?)

I'm at a loss. I've seriously stopped couponing, and am really surprised how quickly we are moving through what I thought was a never ending stockpile of cereal and pasta. I obviously don't want to pay to move the whole thing- it would cost more to move it then it did to buy it.

We're arranging yard sales and selling vehicles and it's all very matter-of-fact and calm and you would think we weren't making the biggest decision of our lives in the process of deciding which knickknacks to sell off and which items will make it into the tiny amount of allotted moving space we'll have. So that's the big, scary news I've been NOT discussing.

And on a lighter note, anyone wanna buy anything out of my house? I'll sell it to ya, cheap.


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Tarea Wadlington said...

ohhh heather, that sucks :( But, on a lighter note, im sure theres LOTS of stuff we would love to buy from u lol! Always looking to upgrade over here :) Let me know what ur selling