Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

It's a cold, wet, rainy, icy, gross day.

What a let down from yesterday's fun at Philly's Please touch museum! We've been up for exactly one hour, the house is already trashed, the kids are screaming at each other, "It's my turn!!!! It's my turn!!!! It's my turn!!!!"

I've taken to ignoring them. I've got a lot to do! A house to clean, laundry to get done, posts to do, blog comments to return, and laundry to wash, dinner to cook, and now they've taken to beating each other.

Perhaps I should step in at some point. I'd rather sit and write about how much fun we had YESTERDAY though.

hmmm...the dilemma. I'll be back later. Maybe they'll sleep.


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