Sunday, January 15, 2012

This week's crazy coupon shopping results!

Coupon shopping can be a real, well, pain the ass. (pardon the language)

Last night I went to Shoprite with a stack of about 80 coupons, waited patiently in line, 80 items, 80 coupons, and watched the cashier sort the coupons, scan half the coupons, and put the other half in his drawer without scanning them. I told him quietly of his mistake, he denied it, and rather than argue the point, I let him finish and then went to the shiftleader on that I knew used coupons. It took twenty minutes to correct his error, but I got back over $15.

Today went better. Much, much better.

Last night and this morning, I hit CVS to do the following transactions:

12 boxes of Nabisco crackers @ $2.50 each.


$3 on 3 coupons
$10 CVS cash card from last week
$5 Extra bucks:

Total: $0 (That's not a couponing world zero, that's a legitimate zero).
Received $10 Cash Card

Went back today and got:
3 boxes of Nabisco crackers @2.59
3 boxes of Glade Sense and Spray $5.00 each
2 Nivea lip balm Buy one, get one half off

3-$3 off one Glade Sense and Spray
$3 off two Glade products CVS coupon
$3 off 3 Crackers,
$3 off 2 Nivea lib
$10 cash card

total- $0.00
received- $4 extra bucks

Rite aid:
Got 1 kid's Crest toothpase, $2.77
1 Oral B floss picks $2.77
1 NYC lip gloss to try out the Midtown Mulberry shade for Influenster $2.49
1 Schick trimstyle razor $8.99

$1 off Crest,
$1 off Oral B
$3 off Trimstyle
$11 up rewards

Paid $1.09, got $5 in rewards


1 Diet supplement $10
Used: $2 register rewards from last week

got $10 register rewards

1 South beach bar $5.99
2 packages of Alka seltzer cold medicine $10
2 clearance cookies (filler)

$1 off South Beach
2- $2 off Alka seltzer
$10 rr

Paid- $1.59
Got $11 in RR

In the coupon world, they'd say I made money today!
Here's a picture, keep in mind twelve boxes of crackers got put away last night!

Now I just have to find a place to put all this stuff!


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