Monday, January 9, 2012

Okay, it's been five months...

It's been ages, right?

Well, I took (and quit) a job talking politics at Cafemom, then I took (and kept) a job talking charities (also at cafemom). Having left this missive alone for months, I've decided to pick it back up and start again.

Just like that. I've got some product reviews to do, I've been couponing like a maniac, and in the five or six short months that I've left this alone, the girls have grown leaps and bounds, and seventh grade is half over.

I'm about to have an eighth grader. Dammit, I'm still not old. I'm not about to twenty one days. I'm... just... not.



Soap Box said...

Welcome back :)

lovinangels said...


Suze said...

Welcome back...Hope you had a great 5 months!!!