Monday, January 9, 2012

Broadway imPRESS nail review- my first review back!

Okay, I started a new review blog, since I randomly abandoned this one while I experimented with working from home, and while I was doing that, I stumbled on this great product review site called Influenster. They sent me this gigantic package full of complimentary treats to try and tell about, easily the best sample box I've ever received. They call them voxboxes.

I tried on the imPRESS nails, in space cadet, which I found to be eerily similar to the press on nail phenomenon of the eighties (yes, I'm old enough to remember those). The smaller sizes fit well over my nails, and fit firmly.

I was a little trepidatious. They were VERY shiny and young looking (I got space cadet, a little more exuberant of a pattern than I would have chosen). Here's a picture:

After a couple of minutes, I decided I liked them fine, wore them about my day, until *duh, duh, DUH* I washed the dishes.

And those suckers started jumping off my nails like popcorn popping.

So here's my final review: GREAT for things like office jobs, light house work, every day wear.

HORRIBLE for things like, well, dishes and baby bathing, unless you are prone to holding the dishes or the baby with those elbow length yellow plastic glove thingies. Which I need to buy. I want to scrub my baby while wearing yellow house gloves.

I would buy the imPRESS nails again, but I would protect them before washing dishes with them. Solids start at $5.99 and patterns at $7.99 according to the product information, but I saw the solids at Rite Aid for $2.99. Incidentally, my 12 year old (who doesn't wash dishes, of course) bought a package and wore them successfully for almost a week before SHE removed them.

You can check out imPRESS manicures here, see all the fun patterns and solids, and find a full list of stores and a good coupon.


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