Friday, May 20, 2011

Swagbucks Event!

You all know how much I love swagbucks, right? It fits right in with my couponing and my moderator tasks. You search, you win swagbucks, you buy gift cards with them. Makes the money go just a little bit further, you know?

Well, they're having themselves a little shindig in honor of memorial day- games, a bit of fun, and a "Score Four and Twenty Swagbucks Challenge." I love these! If you can manage to collect all four by next Thursday, then you get a sweet twenty swagbuck reward!

Thursday, they're having a swagbuck code extravaganza- over forty dollars in swagcodes will be given away. They do these all over the place, so you have to keep your eyes peeled: Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and don't forget to check the Swagbucks blog.

Now, if this is the moment you've officially decided that I am a blabbering idiot who has taken to inventing words, that means you haven't gotten on to the swagbucks train yet. Tsk, tsk. Let's fix that.

Go here- and sign up- making sure to put the code MEMORIALDAY in when prompted. That'll help you out with an extra 50 swagbucks on top of the 30 you already get just for being you. Once you register, take a peek around. They've got coupons that earn you bucks, surveys, shopping, and my favorite, the search engine. Don't forget to check out the rewards section, so you know how much you want to win to get your favorite gift!

Good luck, and happy Swagbucking!



Suze said...

Thanks...And I don't think you are blabbering idiot :)

CinnyBBS said...

THank you for stopping by. I'm already a follower. :)

Feel free to come back and enter some great giveaways. Low entries and family friendly!

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Naomi said...

Thanks for hopping my way, following back!
Happy weekend

Becky Fuentes said...

Found you through the blog hop. Following you now! =)