Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm trying out a new method of couponing.

I spent, and I'm very serious here, probably fifteen hours last week couponing.

Too much time. I didn't give up my beloved career for bonus time cutting paper into squares. I'm trying something new this week- I've got a big file portfolio, and I'm just filing the coupons according to the week they come in without clipping them. Then, I'm checking out sites like Living Rich with Coupons, Debbie Does Coupons, and Saving Well Spending Less. They do all the match ups a couple of days in advance, and tell you how many and which inserts the coupons are in, so I'm just going to slip the insert I need out, clip only the coupons that I need, and hopefully trim the madness down and wash my floors.

Note: The CVS match ups are already out, so you need to grab any printable coupons you need, STAT, or miss out.



Denise said...

New follower from Blog Hop. I hope you will follow back I cannot coupon myself but I'm trying. Good luck to you with it too.

CinnyBBS said...

Already a follower! Stopping by from the blog hop. I'm stopping by from the blog hop! Visit and enter some contests. Low entries and family friendly!

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