Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommy Stuff-Good and Bad

While this is not an "official" product review, there's a couple of big things I found out recently.

Silk Soy milk may contain almonds or coconut.

This is a big deal in my family. I'm disappointed in Silk, and it would explain why MissAngelLittle girl had an itchy throat at the last family gathering. NO SOY MILK FOR MY KIDS, people, unless the label doesn't say that! We're talking death, here, people. The change should have been printed in Dayglo Orange right on the very front of the package.

It wasn't. In fact, if it wasn't for the Mom blogger community, I'd probably be risking a nice trip to the ER. I usually only clear a product once.

Bad me.

Ok, now on to the good.

You know those little brightly colored goldfish (Pepperidge Farms) that are so appealing to little eyes... NEON colors... well, you KNOW how I feel about food coloring.

Not a fan. To say the least.

Well, Goldfish were on sale yesterday, and I told Daddy and MissAngelLittleGirl to pick out two bags. Those are their FAVORITE. And I don't have a fish shaped cookie cutter.

He tosses a bag of the neon colored ones into the cart and says "It says natural food coloring."


I mean, bugs are natural food coloring. And that's what I said as I snatched the offensive bag out of my cart, looking for the dreaded Carmine.

Beet Juice. Turmeric Extract. The food coloring in the neon Goldfish is actual food.

Points for you, Pepperidge Farm. My kids couldn't be happier with the colors, and neither could I.


amber01sw said...

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Amanda said...

Do your kids have milk allergies too? The goldfish crackers do contain milk. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If yo get a chance email Silk- I think the more people that bring this to their attention the better. How can they not know that a huge part of their consumers are food allergic children!

lovinangels said...

No, we're okay with milk. I just like to do some soy, too, sometimes, because we can't really afford organic milk all the time.

And my in laws love it, always have it, and I love(d) to let the kids drink it over there.

Our nut reactions, however, are really intense, and it's two out of three of my kids. Really intense swelling, especially of the mucus membranes. It's bad.

Jayda said...

New follower from Thursday Hop... I have not even seen the goldfish here in colours...glad to know its natural colouring though!

would love if you followed back

Jenny said...

Found you on the blog hop! I’m your newest follower!

Amanda said...

Silk posted a reply to me on FB. Here is the link to the update on my blog:

Emma Major said...

Hi, I'm a new follower from the hop. I'm Emma at and

I am also intolerant and outright to allergic to everything and it looks like you might have loads of tips that help me and my DD.

Anonymous said...

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mrs.shopper said...

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TexaGermaNadian said...

serious points for the GOldfish!!! MMmmm, I am in Germany and missing those lots right about now :) Stopped over from the Sat Stalk, have a nice weekend!

Tara said...

I never knew the Goldfish were colored with actual food. My kids have begged for them, and I've said no way! I assumed they were filed with food dye.

Good to know!