Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did you eat a beaver anal gland today?

Well, you may have if you ate some raspberry candy!!! Don't give me that look! How about a daily dose of sand or ingredients used in caulk? Well, if you've eaten at taco bell, you have!

Maybe some crushed bugs in your red candy? The best part of this coloring labeled carmine or carminic acid, is that it can be labeled "natural coloring." I guess that fairly accurate, since buds are natural. Crushed and boiled, they're just,well, yummy. And, evidently, PRETTY.

Ugh, the list goes on and on. Beef fat in hostess snacks (lard). Ok, I admit this is not a biggie for me, because I eat meat. But, when I was a vegetarian, I scarfed these down every week.

So-my freak out list for the week contains-
Taco Bell: I've been feeding my kids sand in the form of Silicone Dioxide.
Beaver Anal Glands: or
Castoreum used in perfumes, and raspberry candy.
Carmine- the red food coloring is used in lipsticks as well- so I've been smearing crushed red bugs on my mouth while spraying my neck with beaver anal glands and eating sand. Fabulous!!!!!

Three ingredients I didn't know about before. Taco bell dollar menu, I will miss you, but I can eat sand and msg for free.

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