Monday, March 7, 2011

I need another cup of coffee. But I'm not allowed to move.

MissAngelBaby has advanced mama-itis. My husband has been gone for less than an hour after rejecting my idea of a healthy breakfast, and my legs are asleep from having fifty pounds worth of small people battling for a coveted seat on my thigh.

I WANT to wash the dishes. That's how bad this is.

When I attempt to put her down, little miss raises her arms piteously and whines, "hug".

What kind of a crappy ass parent would I be if I said no to a hug?

Yes, I know she's winning.



Tom said...

It's a problem I can't wait to have.

Hannah said...

My daughter is going through the same thing! I feel bad both ways- giving tough love and not cuddling her OR condoning her whining by letting her control what I do. Usually I just give in and cuddle her and let the house stay messy :D

MamaTales said...

This is when a baby carrier is a life saver. I use the Ergo and I can just throw (not literally) her up on my back and she can come with mommy to do chores. Especially helpful when she's more clingy.