Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why People Stop Following You.

There's a hugely narcissistic element in internet life. Me! Me! Me! Facebook, your posts are about you, you tweet what you are doing, you stumble things you like, not necessarily that you think your best friend's sister's cousin will like.

You spend the day updating people about you. We all do it. I like to read my friend's status updates with greedy helps with the fact that I'm home with two kids locked in a house on a snowy Saturday, but I've learned ages ago that I'm not an average bear.

I LIKE not being average.

I have seen one or two tweets about people getting their feelings hurt when people stop following them and I wanted to touch on that.

It's pretty simple.

Shut up. That's it. You talk too freaking much. If you've tweeted so many times in the last five minutes that I scroll through two whole screens of your tweets, Unfollow.

If you email me blog updates more than once a day...unsubscribe.

If you post more than ten times a day doing five thousand product reviews and tweet them each six times, Unfollow.

IF you don't follow me back? Unfollow. This is a relationship-I'm not your worshiper.

If your website crashes my computer more than once you could be giving away the Taj Mahal and I wouldn't show up. So stop with all the javascript trojans already. (You know who you are.)

See, it's that easy! Have a little respect for your readers. We like what you have to say, that's why we followed you to begin with. Now, give us a little respect back, and we'll both be happy!

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Chase said...

Great post! I totally agree! :) Just following you back! Happy Birthday!