Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At one point do the people who are "protecting us" actually become perpetrators?

Terrorists fly.

This is a true statement.

Terrorists kill their own children to promote their political agenda.

 This is also a true statement.

 At what point, though, have the people who are sworn to protect us become actual abusers themselves?

Watch this video. If it doesn't break your heart to see the young child screaming, "don't touch me!" over and over, as the TSA agent brusquely ignores her pleas and continues to grope her, well, I don't know what to tell you.

They started the search by taking a teddy bear away from a tired child. I'm at a loss to figure out why the teddy bear couldn't ride in his mommy's arms through the metal detector in the first place. She was SO upset at the separation, she couldn't keep still for the scanner, which prompted a pat down from someone with the child relation skills of Count Olaf. (MissPreteen is reading Lemony Snickett right now).

The strange man has his hands ALL OVER the child. Completely ignoring her protests and cries. Doesn't break to let her calm down. Doesn't stop. Finishes his business completely ignoring the fact that she clearly feels violated.

The father films the scene, and the mother holds the little girl, allowing the TSA agent to continue. No one stands up and says..."stop touching my kid." "Let's find another way to do this." "Is there anything else we can do to prove this little girl is safe?

 I mean, it's pretty clear she's hiding a bomb in her t-shirt and leggings.

 So the real question is, why are we allowing a government agency to molest our children?

 That dad had some rights he didn't invoke. Someone should have stood up for that little girl. And the fact that the TSA agent still has a job after forcibly groping a child with no respect for her pleas is utterly amazing.

I'm still sitting here shaking my head... at a loss to figure out how this keeps us safe.

If anything, it makes us victims.

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