Monday, November 15, 2010

Idiot parenting lesson number 1-never leave the chocolate unattended.

I made chocolate chip muffins this morning.

Really good whole grain muffins, with dark chocolate chips dotted all the way through.  This is really the easiest recipe in the history of the world, and I simply sub out whole grain flour for white and toss in some flax seed, so it's not entirely guilt ridden.

There was a HUGE plate leftover for tomorrow's breakfast, right according to plan, sitting on the kitchen table.

Did you see the past tense there? Because right now, my middle child is doing laps around the living room, having bootlegged several muffins at a time into the downstairs bathroom and crouched behind the closed door, eating her bounty while using the step stool/training potty as a table. She's on a sugar coated caffeine high that may not end till three or four in the morning.

She must have eaten four whole muffins, and the rest have been clearly claimed with a series of well placed toddler-sized bite marks.

 *deep sigh*

 I'm not sure who's more scared right now, me, or the dog she's riding like a pony.

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lovinangels said...

If you decide to make the muffins at the link...use buttermilk if you have it. The texture of the muffin is much lighter.