Monday, October 18, 2010

Support your local beer brewery!

Write it down, people.

 I will be purchasing a case of beer this week. One case of a Yuengling product, not sure which one yet. Yes, my husband will be pleased, even if it means no more random pictures of beer bottles on his facebook profile.


Because Yuengling made the Teamsters "Do Not Patronize" list. 

Yuengling is terminating their contract with union labor, and, big shock, the union is pissed. I have never had a good experience with a union, and I'm happy to plunk some money down to support Capitalism and the competitive nature of labor.

Good luck, Yuengling, You are gonna need it.

1 comment:

Isabella LeCour said...

But, but, but, I love Yuengling. And nobody gets between me and my beer, including the Teamsters!