Saturday, October 16, 2010

I honestly didn't know I could still bend like that....

Last night we put a deposit of someone else's money on a new-ish refrigerator. It's a beauty... Much taller than me and wider than a Biggest Loser contestant week one, before Jillian Michaels makes them throw up forty or fifty times. Payment should be completed later today, and it really is a beauty.

 I'm so excited.

 My old refrigerator must sense its impending trip to the landfill, because today, it struck back.


As I was preparing our morning meal, and Mr. Lovinangels lunch, I lifted the door, balanced myself on one hand, and pulled it up and open. It's my very own personal door opening ritual- the refrigerator door sits slightly at an angle, with screws of four or five different sizes holding the slab of metal in a precarious position.

The hinge let go as I gently let go of the freezer and reached for the milk. Without warning, the piece of the hinge that was unaided by extra screws let go with a snap, the refrigerator door hit me in the face, and I managed my first back bend  since 1999 in a valiant attempt to keep the door  (and my olives) from hitting the floor and exploding everywhere.

This thing needs to last till Tuesday.

 As I called for help, stretching my back in a way I didn't think possible, everyone BUT the person I needed arrived. First the eleven year old, who stood frozen in horror for what seemed like a year, until I snapped, "go get your dad."

Oh, right.
 And of course he wanted an explanation as to why his morning regime was being disturbed. Long before help of any kind arrived, I managed to lift both myself and the refrigerator door, while blocking two inquisitive toddlers with one flailing leg.

 I even managed to reassemble the hinge with one hand, while holding the door in place with other and kicking like a Rockette with one leg, to the amusement of my small children.

 In not the nick of time, my husband arrived, wrapped in a towel and shivering, to save the day.

 My next blog post should be, how to cook dinner without opening a vengeful refrigerator.

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