Monday, August 9, 2010

Get YOUR skin in the game, Michelle!

Few things astound me anymore, but when I heard about the taxpayer bill for Michelle's latest escapade, I wanted to be sick. I'm tired of the hypocrisy in the White House. Tired of buying bottled water for bureaucrats while I consider counting the gallons of water I'm going to have to pay for at my new house. Tired of paying for catered lunches while my kids eat pb and j on homemade bread because it's cheaper.

Now, evidently I'm expected to foot the bill for our first Lady to go on a spending blitz in Spain, while the country struggles around me. What. The. Hell. How does she get two hundred and fifty thousand dollars of taxpayer money to go take a breather? What idiot set this up?

I know, the same people that made the ridiculous pensions for Congress, and the benefits, and said that they'll have Waygu beef on our dime.

Somebody has got to do something about this. We just borrowed money from China to send the first Lady to Spain.

The blogger that compared her to Marie Antoinette had it right. Maybe she should take some advice from her husband, and get some skin in the game.

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