Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've been dying a slow, painful death without my homemade bread.

I love artisan bread in five minutes a day. You mix the dough one day, filled with healthful whole grains...and then simply dip into the dough for up to two weeks to make pizza, pastries, bagels, and the prettiest bread shapes you can buy at Wegmans, for pennies a loaf.

And I've been on a baking hiatus for over two months due to the propane situation.

 I adore the smell of fresh baked bread...the crack of the crust, the look on the kid's faces, the fact that the little angels will eat multiple loaves in one day, and  I know EXACTLY what's in it. Oh, it takes me back...
To me attempting to teach myself to bake bread. I grew up in the 80's, we had instant everything. When my mom wasn't ordering take out or serving melt-away meat, it was On-Cor meals with a boxed side dish and a can of veggies. We did not have fresh baked bread, we had giant loaves of a white, mushy, cake-like substance, with the nutritional value of styrofoam. That's what people ate.

Baking is one of the ways I cement my anti-Mom status a couple of times a week. Perhaps the lack of propane was contributing to my poor moods as well. Tough to bake when you're trying to make three months of propane last four.

Today, I feel better. Much, much better.

I had forgotten that I can make homemade English muffins on my electric griddle, no oven or propane required...Check it out!

(You do have to scroll past the blueberry muffins)

I love Alton Brown

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