Thursday, January 17, 2013

King Soopers deals for Coloradians

Hey, Colorado Peeps,

I had a good trip to King Soopers today, so I thought I'd post up some things I haven't seen making the rounds just yet.

I'm sure everybody knows about the free toothpaste: Colgate, ten for ten, minus any number of recent doubled coupons. There was one in the 1/06 if you're not sure.

Pillsbury grands! are $1, with a bunch of coupons available to make them .70 cents each.  Check out the Smart Source from last Sunday's paper with all the gm coupons in it. (1/06).

At my King Soopers, (the one on Cheyenne Mountain), they also have Pillsbury Pie Crusts for $1. The last paper that had a coupon for that one is the 12/09, and it's .50/2. If you've still got that hanging out, they will be a very, very reasonable .50 each. Not sure if this is a manager special, or just that store, but worth digging out that q just in case. . . I was sad I didn't have mine with me!

Beechnut fruities are just a dollar, and I had a printable q for a $1 off one stage four or five item, final cost: free.

Kens salad dresssings are just .25 after $1/1 9 oz dressing. (1/13 RP)

There is ONE flavor of Newton Thins (that my husband has adamently refused to eat despite them only being .84 after printable coupon, printed today on Another clearance sale, but hey, you can't take advantage of it if you don't have the coupon, right?

Playtex Living gloves: They're buy one get one free, and there's a stand down at the bottom of either the pet food section or the candle section, I can't remember which, that has a hangtag type q for a free thing of wet ones when you buy two. I had a recently acquired printable for $1 off one to stack with it, so I got two packages of gloves and a package of wet wipes for $3.

Lots of make up clearance: I saw Covergirl, and L'oreal, and I got all excited and stopped there. I did leave a couple of the clearance mascaras for the rest of you, lol...but take a couple of printables for $3/2 from L'oreal's website and the $3/2 Covergirl q's from 12/31 if you're still hanging on to them.

I also got a free can of tuna from printing a $1/1 Chicken of the Sea coupon off their facebook page today

I spent $17 on $80 worth of product today if you don't count the ten dollar diapers I had to buy. Just one pack, because MissAngelBaby went on the potty all day today, so I don't want to invest in a deal. But she ruined my whole total with her stubborn lack-of-potty training.


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