Friday, December 14, 2012

for Michelle

I think this is easiest. Deals this week:
Purex crystals, buy one get one free. No coupons available, but still should be a good price. Check to be sure.
 Paper towels: the deal I told you about. Use one printable and find the December coupon book in the front of the store. Scott's Naturals on sale for $4, minus $1 in coupon book and $1.25 printable.
 tape:.39 Use in ad coupon. I bought several at this price.
Walgreen's diapers are bogo. I don't know if you've tried them, but I think they are fine. G
ood colour collection barrettes will give you a coupon for two dollars of your next order when you buy ONE. Don't try to buy more than one in the same transaction. They are two dollars, so if you get yourself those in one transaction then use that coupon in your next transaction, they are free.
Reynold's wrap, two for $3, 30 square foot. No coupons available for this size.
Hefty zip bags, bogo, $3.49, coupon RP 11/11/12 $1.50 off two.
Nice! seasoning, .79 with in ad coupon.
Huggies: $6.49 after $3 coupon here.
Don't forget you need a balance rewards card at Walgreens to get the sale prices. You can sign up in store or online.

Sprouts: All ground meats are 50 percent off. So beef is $2.29 a lb, that's the cheapest I've seen it out here. but they do mean all, so check it out and see what will work for you.
blackberries, .99 each
canned pumpkin, .99 each
organic baby carrots, .99
white cheddar cheese, $2.99 lb

King Soopers:
Canned veggies: .50
Milk $2.19 gal
butter $2 lb
Ham, .99-$1.69
7 up: ten for ten, talk of peelies, and I think there was a coupon in last week's paper.
cuties clementines, $3.99-.50 coupon from 12/02 SS

Kraft items, buy six, get six dollars off instantly, prices shown are with discount.
GM cereals: shown in ad: trix, cocoa puffs. $1.99: various coupons available
Kraft cheese: $1.99- there's a on the slices making them $1.
Progresso recipe starters. These are $1 after discount and completely free if you have the coupon for .50 off one from 11/04. This will double to $1.
Velveeta cheesy skillets, $1.99 after discount.
Kraft mac and cheese,  5 pack, 3.29, coupon for $1 off three in last weeks paper.
Gevalia coffee: $5.49 after discount minus $1.50 on one in last week's paper

$5 Friday:
heat and eat bbq ribs
Nestle Morsels: $3 for five coupon here.
Fritos or cheetos: $3 for five.

CandH sugar, $1.99, various coupons available
10 lbs potatoes, russet, $1.99
IBC rootbeer, $2 for six
Frappacino. $3.99- in ad coupon
20 pack pepsi, $5.49-in ad coupon
Hefty paper plates after Just4U coupon, $1.99

I will get you Target ideas tomorrow.


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