Friday, July 1, 2011

Yup, shopping again!

What a day today has been! The little girls are avoiding me because I'm in a BAD mood. That means I've been cleaning. I hate cleaning, but with the amount I shop if I don't do it occasionally the cast of Hoarders is going to show up with a social worker. True story.

So, I indulged in a little retail therapy after the ritual scrubbing. Actually, more like DURING the ritual scrubbing, because kind of halfway through I just sat down at the computer and gave myself a plastic workout.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take the same shape it used to. Once upon a time, retail therapy meant new shoes and sparkly new nails- now it means a slew of new nightclothes for the little ladies.

The Disney store is having a sale: all of the codes for the discounts are on the home page. 40% off the already low sales prices. Yay. And I mean that with the utmost of enthusiasm.

Now, in order to stave off the rest of the ritual scrubbing, I'm going to go ahead and visit you all. :)

Just to be clear, spambots, nobody's looking at your penises or your unlock iphone promises. I refuse to captcha to cover up your hooha. Blogger doesn't publish your posts anyway, so all it does is make me click two extra times to obliterate all your hard work. Maybe spam somebody else, mmmkay?



Suze said...

Thank for the Disney tip, I wanted to get the kids some stuff and plus Princess' birthday is coming up.
I also hate cleaning but luckily hubby doesn't mind doing the bathroom, so that his job :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

My lady. Love mine, even though my work has been up and down moneywise, I'm not breaking up with her.