Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tomorrow's game plan!

I'm looking for a big haul this week, ladies and gentlemen, so let's get started!

Giant deals:
It's dairy month! That means five dollars off when you buy 7 dairy items. I can make this work!
According to one blog, the dananino yogurts my daughters ADORE will be $1.89 this week, along with a dollar off one coupon in the paper. I will be purchasing 7 papers this 7X$1.89= $13.23 - $5 dairy package -$7 in one dollar off coupons = $1.23 for SEVEN packages of little yogurts. These can be frozen. Maybe I should do it twice!

The thing about this is, you kind of have to be willing to put some time in to shopping, as you'll need to do multiple transactions. For me, that means going through the stores at least twice. I don't like to stand at the register and do two trips, unless I do self check out, and then I don't mind so much.

Borden cheese slices are two dollars each. I have six dollar off one coupons for them, and smart balance milk is 2.69 a half gallon, and I believe I have two 1.50 off one coupons for those. If I purchase five cheeses and two milks, that's $15.38, minus five dollars for a dairy package, and five dollars for cheese coupons and three dollars for milk coupons, and this transaction should be $2.38 out of pocket. As long as the cheese slice coupons are the correct ones. I won't know till I can actually lay eyes on the circular, which won't be till tomorrow.

8th continent soy milk is also included in the sale. They are 2.50 a gallon, with $1 off one coupon making its appearance tomorrow. Buy 7, $17.50- 5 dairy package= 12.50- $7 coupons= 5.50 for seven half gallons of soy milk. So, if any of my lovely readers would like me to pick up some soy milk in this lovely deal, I'm charging 50 cents a half gallon. :)

On to Walgreens, ladies and gentlemen, is it any wonder why I'll be getting up at three am? Omega Smart Fish oil is FREE after store credit, get that, free, and if your printer isn't out of ink you could actually make some money on the deal. I'm sad, because I'm out of ink, but I'll still be picking up FREE fish oil for some lovely relatives. Also free this week after store credit is Healthy Women soy supplement. These two items will be purchased in one transaction along with one sobe life water ($1 store credit) and two mars candy bars to fulfill Walgreens store coupon policy.

Next transaction, depending on the price of the items in question. (We haven't left Walgreens yet)

8- gilette body washes
4- gilette deodorants

Use- 4 Bogo coupons for the body washes and four one dollar off coupons for the body washes, and two bogo coupons for the deodorants. This SHOULD be enough to get me over the $30 to get 10 RR back. I expect to pay zero dollars out of pocket for all of this, since I will be using the RR from the vitamins.

Off to shoprite.
Ban deodorant will be free after $.75 off coupons, and BAR S hot dogs will be .49 each. I have four dollars in store credit to use, so I see no money leaving my pockets here as well. *happy dance!!!*

I'll be stopping at another Walgreens to hit them up for another fish oil on the way home. This is important.

Now, on to CVS. By the way, my eleven year old will be doing all this with me. I wonder if she'll break?

So, at CVS we'll do TWO transactions. I've got about seven dollars in store credit there, so I want to be sure to maximize rolling the credit to minimize cash spent out of pocket. This may be a sickness, I'm not sure, but I'm having fun, so I'm going to roll with it.

First transaction:
Buy two Colgate toothpastes at 2.79, get two dollars back for each one. Use two one dollar off coupons. Make 21 cents on each. Buy two bottles of Crest 1 liter pro health rinse, use two-two dollar off coupons, and two oral b pulsar brushes, use two- $3 off coupons. I have seven dollars in store credit, so I see this coming out to be about 8 dollars, but I'll be getting back fifteen dollars in ECB.

Then buy:
Four of my most favorite lip balm in the whole world, on sale two for six, with a five dollar of coupon for two, two times. (so ten dollars off.)
Two crest 6 oz pro health at 3.99 with a dollar off coupon each.
and one dawn dish detergent.
This should take me over the thirty dollars I need to get a FREE gillette proglide razor. Oh, yes, free is good, but I can take a four dollar coupon off that as well! Why, yes, I would like to get paid four dollars to take a razor out of the store that also happens to be my husband favorite!!!! And all off the stuff in this transaction will be absolutely free! (I may have to fork over a dollar or two in taxes. I hate taxes.)

Wish me luck! Any questions, give me a holler!


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