Sunday, June 5, 2011

Today's results!!!

Total out of pocket: $7.02 Walgreens 4 bottles of body wash, 2 deodorants, 4 bags of Chex Mix, two packages of erasers (not shown), 1 Sobe life water, and two bottles of vitamins, and one razor.

Two bottles of mouthwash, two tubes of toothpaste, four lipsticks, one razor, seven bottles of dish detergent, two electric toothbrush doodad thingies, six fuze drinks, one donation to Lou Gehrigs.

Total out of pocket at CVS $13.02

Giant: $1.23 7 packages of dannon little kids yogurts.

Also at Giant, but not pictured, 3 1/2 Gallons of milk for 6 and change.

I wound up not heading out to Shoprite due to a change in the coupon plan, I may go later in the week after I see the circular.


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