Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tomorrow's Deals

It appears it will, after all, be an early morning for me, tomorrow. Despite my inclination to NEVER EVER return to Shoprite again, they have wooed me with their promises of cheap-to-free goods and whole Filet on sale.

Yes, I have every intention of spending a weeks worth of savings on a hunk of juicy, tender, succulent red meat.

So, here's my action plan.

Get up before Mr. Sun. Acquire three papers. I'm not dying for the coupons that are in this weeks papers, then take my revenge on Shoprite with a wealth of internet coupons. I mean, the stack of internet coupons I have rivals the Eiffel tower in height. I will then glare disapprovingly at the manager who comes to check the coupons over as payback for being rude.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Seriously, though, check out the deals at Shoprite that Living Rich with Coupons has posted, and get your printer ready.

Worth mentioning at Weis this week, Four boxes of cheerios for six dollars. There's a couple of 55 cents off one coupons floating around in my binder, so these Cheerios will be one dollar a box. Also, 8 o'clock coffee has a $2/2 coupon on their site, and it's bogo at Weis.

The drugstores are not really speaking to me this week, I'm sorry to say. I'll probably grab a free razor at CVS if I've got time.

Giant has instant savings of five bucks on Three cards, so if you're frugal about which cards you pick out, that could be completely free. (NO .99 ones, though) I'll be taking advantage of that one. Also, five magnum ice cream bars could net you 400 gas points- or five breyer burst. If you're local and want some coupons for either, let me know, I'll get them to you asap.

So, it's a slow week on the grocery front. I'm kind of glad. My kitchen is bursting with product and I'm starting to hide things in funny places.


Suze said...

Good luck tomorrow...Can't wait to see your deal!

Ca88andra said...

This post has reminded me I have to start looking for bargains...