Friday, June 10, 2011

Cashiers with bad manners and good deals at Shoprite.

First off, thanks for the well wishes. The jackhammer in my head has subsided to a dull thump, so I think the antibiotics may be doing their job.

My results today at Shoprite were pretty darn fabulous, even if I do say so myself, and I'm done shopping for at least TWO WHOLE DAYS. Two days which will probably be spent preparing for Sunday's haul, cleaning, and splashing in the kiddie pool. Life is good.

But I digress. I woke up at six AM to complete two shopping trips prior to my husband's journey to work, One to Weis, and one to Shoprite, along with a quick visit to my dads.

What I got at Weis:
Two packages of Bounty Napkins. (2 for 5)- $1 coupon
Two bottles of tide stain releaser: $5.99 each- $6 (2-$3 coupons)
total: $11 and change. Got back a five bucks off your next order coupon, which I used promptly.
Second transaction
Two bunches of asparagus
two sacks of red grapes
three boxes of pierogies
tub of ice cream
Also $11 and change.

What I got at Shoprite:
Two packages of Turkey bacon
two packages of cooked chicken slices
12 La Yogurt
1 tub Organic salad mix
4 packages of hot dogs
2 pumps Mentadent tooth paste
1 bottle of spicy brown mustard (which feels like heaven since I never used to buy mustard just for me)
1 bottle of hot sauce

Spent out of pocket: $8.72 Savings $35.02
I would have done my little happy hop after my transaction, except I had the WORST. CASHIER. EVER. You know the one. They all look the same after a while, MEAN. I make it a point to be EXTRA SUPER NICE AND PROFESSIONAL. Anyone who knows me knows I do extra super nice and professional like it's my job. I greeted said cashier warmly- she said nothing. I informed her promptly (and perkily, I might add) that I had internet coupons. She glared.

Okay, I'm going to digress for a minute, and remind the world at large that couponing robs NO ONE, and harms NO ONE. My coupons are organized carefully, the items on the belt in the same order as I hand the coupons to the cashier, grouped by deal. I may have paid with sixteen dollars worth of coupons, but that's still sixteen dollars I'm contributing to the store's bottom line.

Back to evil cashier.

Either she doesn't like her job, or she doesn't like me, I'm not sure which. She questions my one deal, and I tell her why I think it's within the store policy, and she doesn't reply. (This is a trend, I see.)

She picks up the phone, and mutters into it.

Help arrives, in the form of a manager/shift/leader/someone with a key who also does not greet me. I say, "I've got evil internet coupons, I'm sorry," to which he laughs and says no big deal.

Then he looks at my coupons, pronouncing them fine, and starts to walk away, when she pulls him aside facing away from me, and whispers about my deal, I guess, because she's pointing at my coupons. Every once in a while they pause to look over at me. It's fun. I love bad manners.

At this point my husband is aggravated because the manager is giving me dirty looks. My day is going well. The manager says no, so I tell him that's totally cool, I don't want two of the items, and he leaves with out another word. Nothing.

At this point, protective husband gets slightly annoyed. It was all so very pleasant and relaxing!

But it was cheap. So it's okay, I guess.

No, it's not really all that okay. I drove almost fifteen miles to give that store my business because of the deals that were available, and they really acted like I was trying to rob them at knife point.

*it was a robbery I tell you! a robbery by coupon! the sentence should be death by coupon!*

Seriously. I'm giving you business. The store is getting the money. I'm not evil, I'm sweet. Why can't you be nice back, cashier people? *sighs* First time that ever happened to me at Shoprite. The one lady there is so nice and sweet and always claps for me and my coupons. I didn't see her today.

Oh, well. I know who to avoid now in line.


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Suze said...

I admire you couponing...And wish I was that determine!