Sunday, June 19, 2011

And my Sunday Morning of shopping comes to a close.

Four AM came early today, folks, and I have to say I've gotten tons accomplished. I picked up my papers, went to four other stores, took my husband out for Father's day, got my good deed in for the day, and am slightly grumpy about my Shoprite trip, since I got there at FIVE MINUTES BEFORE THEY OPENED and they were already sold out of some things I wanted. Seriously? Evidently some extreme couponers have taken to using the employee entrance to get their deals early.

Two words: Rain Check. It appears I'll have to head back down later in the week, though, as the coupon for the conditioner I wanted didn't appear in the local papers. It's on right now, though, so I'm praying my printer ink gets here before the prints are all taken.

Other good deals at Shoprite:

Scott's sponges, $1.99, $1 off two coupons from the circular a couple of weeks ago.
Bailey's coffee creamer: $.34 after $1 off coupon from this weeks paper.
Hatfield ham steaks: .50 cents each after $2 off coupon from the company's website
Herr's pretzels: .49 after $1 Coupon on the company's website
Sylvania funny curly light bulbs: Free after $1 coupon off the companies website
Huggies swimmies are $6.99. I had $1.50 off coupon AND there's a two dollar credit on (You can trade these "savings" for gift cards. I'll let you know how it goes.

I did pretty well at the drug stores, of course. At Walgreens I purchase four lipglosses, one nail polish, two half gallons of bleach, and two packages of toilet paper for four dollars.

CVS, I got a bag of Hershey's bliss without spending one cent, along with a pack of gum, and received six dollars off the next purchase, which will be later on in the week.

Riteaid, I got a box of hair color (darn grays) and three tubes of tooth paste, Out of pocket four dollars, but I got eleven back in store credit.

So, all told, I spent about forty dollars, but fourteen of it was on two tomato plants that are nice and big. Although mine ARE finally growing, I want to have tomatoes before December, so I just got a couple of large plants.

So, my good deed for the day. When I stopped to get my newspapers, there was a lady outside having car trouble. She said she didn't need help, so I went to get my papers and chatted for a minute. She was still outside when I left, and she asked me for a ride to her house because she had ice cream melting.

Ice cream melting is almost as bad as alcohol spilling, so I asked her not to murder me and told her to get in the car. Surprisingly, after I said murder two or three times, she still did, and I drove her home. Color me a saint, please.

In other news, I bought the dog children a kennel to lock let them play in when I have something to do. Now my living room has been taking over by various fixtures of vinyl housing, as if it wasn't hard enough to clean already. I can't get the dog to stay in the kennel and I can't get the kids to stay out of it, so we set up a tent in the other corner. I'm not sure how that logic works, but it means the house is constantly filled with the scratching of vinyl on vinyl and bits of dog food that Miss Angel Baby has taken to flinging out of the kennel door.

Any day I'm expecting the cast of Hoarders. Between the couponing, the dog food flinging, and my toothpaste collection, I'm considering professional help, whether in the form of a maid service or a therapist I haven't decided.

Happy Father's Day, all.


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