Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cracker Catastrophes and other deals.

Ladies and gentlemen, My day should be half over.

Or at least, that's the way it feels. Five AM came early, and I rose with a flutter in my chest in search of the week's deals. I am EXHAUSTED, and am really just beginning my day with the little ladies, who have taken to swinging beach chairs at each other while I type.

I'm oddly unaffected by this.

But, I digress. Today's deals. I rose early, looking two score two boxes of Ritz Crackerfuls, and have them pay me .75 to take each one from the store. This is the holy grail of couponing- the moment the store PAYS YOU to remove items from the store. This deal has been all over the blogosphere for days, so I knew I had to be quick! I got up and drove 12 MILES to the nearest 24 hour Walgreens...AND...

They were out. Completely. Not one box in the store. Seriously. I asked a clerk, who said there were supply issues. Supply issues? Really?

They had some other cracker varieties available for the two dollar price, but weren't sure if the register rewards that made them free would print. This was the beginning of a FORTY FIVE MINUTE trip to walgreens. I was well prepared, I had my stacks of coupons and my lists and my order of transactions, and the store was blissfully not prepared for me. I eventually emerged with ONE package of paper towels (I wanted two), a fusion razor, a big bottle of vitamins, a coffee drink, four AZ ice teas, two bottles of toothpaste, and three rolls of Reynolds wrap. I handed over 16 dollars and cash, and received $17 in register rewards, so I netted a buck.

Then, on to Shoprite. I picked up four packages of Solo items, two packages Chinet paper plates, 6 cans of tomatoes, five boxes of pasta, and spent $9. They gave me back a $4 catalina. The most interesting thing about this trip was that I had to stand and wait for a manager to approve my internet coupons. She stared at each one like it was a counterfeit million, but that's okay. People, please stop counterfeiting coupons! It's interfering with my day!

My giant trip isn't really worth recounting. I bought snack food for my husband and myself, along with little kids yogurts, and yet more paper plates, all in exchange for more gas points. You do what you can. I did use the tyson wings coupons that were in last weeks paper, along with some frozen whole grain waffle coupons and pizza coupons. The bill was sixty before coupons, thirty two after, six hundred gas points. (I have to email about two hundred of them that didn't show up again.) I'm up to 1.10 off a gallon of gas. I did receive three free boxes of pasta, and a jar of sauce here, so I guess it's not a total waste of money.

Then, to CVS. Again, they were missing several of my deals, so I grabbed four toothbrushes, some preparation H wipes, and a couple of candy bars. Out of pocket= $0. Yep, free. Plus I received 8 dollars in register rewards.

Back to another Walgreens. One lonely, busted up Crackerfuls box stood on the barren shelf, and yes, I snatched it. I like those. I also got the other package of paper towels, two boxes of cereal, another coffee drink, more free tooth paste, out of pocket four dollars. That I'm a little mad about, because the woman gave me a fight about adjusting down my ten dollar register rewards (even though I believe that's the policy) and I had to either go back and get filler items to use the other two I had or pay cash. *insert frownie face here.* Got back four dollars in register rewards.

On to the last CVS, hoping I would have luck, and I kind of did.

I had a five dollar off twenty five coupon, as well as a ten percent beauty pass, so I gave them fifteen dollars and got 4 cases of soda, a concealor, two toothbrushes, a mascara, and two green bag tags. I got seven dollars in EB back.

I guess it was a good day. I'm so mad they didn't have my crackers, because I LOVE those passionately.

I'm tired. Visiting blogs later today, and not looking at coupons for at LEAST three days.



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Michelle said...

Great shopping trip!! Even if they didn't have everything you wanted, you did pretty well! My walgreens won't take coupons on register reward transactions anymore! They might have changed it though since I haven't looked at my coupons in 4 months now and haven't tried to do any RR.