Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Reason I've stopped Reading Your Blog

You know what they say about opinions- they're like butt holes.

Everyone's got one. But I've got a blog about ten people read, so I'm going to keep talking about mine. :)

There's a fairly new phenomenon that I don't love-the drop down ad. Seriously, I get it, I click the ad, you get paid for it. We all understand this process pretty well, as MANY of us participate in paid to click programs. (Those ads on the side aren't for the fun of it, people.)

I want to tell you, I've stopped going to people's blogs because of this. I HAVE a pop blocker. You've actually gone out of your way to embed code in your blog to circumvent my security. It's rude. It's self entitled-I'm already GIVING you a page view and entering your contest and tweeting to increase your readership and doing all kinds of things I hope people are going to someday do for me, and you have the NERVE to demand I both LOOK at your ad AND choose NOT to click it.

Um, yeah, about that? I'll take my readership someplace else, thanks. It slows down my computer, it bogs it down (which is why pop up blockers are a dime a dozen) and it wastes my valuable time.

The best part is, the ad isn't usually even relevant. I'm on a mom blog, and it's like a subscription to men's health, and it flashes every one to two minutes while I'm trying to read. I've left blogs, without my usual comment, and refused to go back regardless of the giveaway offered. I'm just saying.

It's your blog. Do what you want with it. There's no law saying I have to read it!



Anonymous said...

Halelujah! Somebody has the guts to say it out loud. I completely agree with you. Anyway, Hi! I'm here from the blog hop and your newest Fan and Follower. I hope you'll come visit and follow me too. Us like minded folks should stick together. Happy Thursday! And good for you!

Kirsten said...

Wow! I haven't yet seen these pop-up ads on other blogs, but it would definitely make me stop reading!

I can't believe people would actually think it's a good idea... Aren't we all of the mindset that our goal as bloggers is to entertain our readers, not to annoy them?

What's in a name.. said...

Following you via blog hop. Hope you will follow me too @

Don't worry, I don't have pop up ads.

Michelle Saunderson said...

I have only seen a couple of blogs with pop-ups. I won't read them either.

XLMIC said...

Ha ha! I have no ads. I only push ME. Did you vote yet? lol You can vote every day! Did you know that?

I have yet to experience the pop-up ad blog. I would click out, too.

happynester said...

yup, you are right, and i hate them just as much.. if i already was a follower i tend to 'unfollow' its also the same with blogs that have waaay too much ads and i cannot find the content. or! if i cannot find your 'follow' button.. if i have to really search, then forget it.. im not following you!

anyways, thanks so much for stopping by and following!
and i will happily be reader #11, because i really enjoy reading blogs!

thanks again,

BabyDealsDujour said...

Sing it sister!

Now following from
We track all of the daily baby deals in real-time. Would love for you to stop by and follow back! (great stuff for your girls!)

Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids said...

I really love that you wrote this. I have been working on my list of blog pet peeves. You know, those things that get under my skin and stop me from wanting to visit, again.
I dont have ads or giveaways.. it's just a blog about me, my children and my life. I like to keep it simple...

Anonymous said...

Pop up ads? Boy am I glad I haven't seen those. I'm usually pretty blind to ads, but those sound hard to miss.

Cyn said...

I haven't come across the pop-ups either but wow -- how dang rude!

Love your blog!


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I don't like pop up ads either. I also dislike when people put their favorite music on their blog. I always get surprised at midnight with some loud song, I don't want to hear. ;)

This Lil Piglet said...

Glad you posted this! Yes I have ads on my blog too but none like that and I agree with you, I would stop visiting that blog too. Recently I've made the commitment to post interesting content, usually funny (at least to me ;), a lot more often. I love having reviews and giveaways but I really want to have substance for my readers to want to keep coming back. Plus I decided I needed to make more of an effort to visit blogs I follow, like yours, and comment on their great posts, like yours. :) I'm putting a star on yours!