Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well, it's apparent I have NO class.

It's not just the fact that I've taken to randomly stalking Dear Crissy in the hopes of winning the standmixer that I've wanted since I was born, but it's now completely and totally apparent that I have no taste in food, either.

Which really sucks, because I imagine myself a novice foodie.

I have to say something, though. Four year old cheddar is NOT a treat. It's like eating expensive sour feet. It's crumbly and bitter and it really does taste old.

I'd rather have the Wegmans extra sharp Vermont. That's right. The generic. The stuff that's about three bucks a pound. It's creamy, it has just the right bite, and would you know, I don't have budget guilt about eating it.

Unlike the expensive treat we had last night.

SO not worth the money. Not even a little bit. Eight solid dollars a pound for cheddar that's older than at least two of my children, and I regretted every crumbly, funky bite.

Lesson learned, I think. Until next time.



Kittie Howard said...

Have you tried the imported cheese from Ireland that Costco carries? It's to die for!

Orange * Hero * Mama said...

Hi there! Found you through the bloghop! Checked out a lot of your posts and love them! New follower here!

Practical Parenting said...

So funny! I don't think I would like that either, I'm kind of glad you tried it first! Thanks so much for following Practical Parenting! Looking forward to reading more funny posts from you!