Friday, December 24, 2010

You have to go buy one of these necklaces. Right now. GO, I tell you, GO! Especially if you have allergies!

So we are on day two with the Inspired by Finn necklace.
I won it as a prize from My Baby's Green (that's a quality blog, that is. Button is off to the right). I was just thrilled, because while I LOVE natural remedies I was really skeptical about putting a necklace on a baby. So, being me, I didn't want to spend money on one. I wish I was a little more trusting with my dough, but seriously? Fossilized tree resin? They want me to spend twenty dollars on fossilized tree resin?

Some days, Mama isn't very bright.

The theory behind the necklace is the warmth of your body releases oils, which have healing properties. (and I have a really cool bridge in Brooklyn...) I'm so cynical, right? The oils contain succinic acid which, when absorbed into the skin, help heal a host of woes, from joint pain to headaches to teething pain and inflammation. It's been used in Europe for centuries to relieve teething pain in infants. Succinic acid is a major player in the Krebs cycles and it helps restore oxygen to depleted cells, and it helps restore energy levels. I think I need to buy five just for mommy, really. Energy restoration in a necklace?

Sign me up!

The thing is, this stuff REALLY WORKS. With a quickness. And now, I'm so excited about it, I can't stop talking about it.

I told you yesterday how I watched as each child was visibly better from their cold symptoms. How I took the necklace off each child as their symptoms improved and put it on the other child. Now the kicker...MissAngelPreteen did NOT have her morning allergy attack after wearing the magic necklace over night. She has an attack EVERY morning.

 So do I.

And they are REALLY pretty. I'm talking, wear it with EVERYTHING pretty. I've already ordered one and I look forward to ordering two more, at least. One for MissAngelTween and one for me.

 I want to show you what they look like though. You're going to be blown away.

 This is the one I won. I ordered a second one so the girls would have the same ones and not fight.

 This is the one I want:

And this is the one I think for MissAngelTween:

Pretty, no? Make sure you "like" Inspired by Finn on Facebook, and then poke around the internet for a discount code. The necklaces should last a lifetime if cared for properly, so it's about twenty dollars for several years worth of pain relief. Think about how much you spend in infant's tylenol...and all those chemicals.

 Isn't this worth a shot? Will you buy a necklace for your child? For yourself? They also offer back bands and knee bands for those of you with pains in places that aren't in your head. 90% of people noted a 50% reduction in pain from use of these bands. Considering that pain in this area is usually considerable, I'd say that's a great (chemical free!) success rate.

Now the stuff so I don't get in trouble of some sort-
I yanked the pictures right off the Inspired By Finn website. They said I could use anything I wanted, and man, I did. They aren't paying me to write this review, I'm just really wound up about how well this works. (There might be a discount code in the future for me, though.)


Selina said...

You remind me of ME when I first discovered amber and IBF! So exciting to find something that actually works and isn't harming other parts of the body in the process.

lovinangels said...

I can't get over how amazing this product is! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Selina said...

It really is amazing, isn't it! I had the same initial thoughts about it, too. So I didn't buy one until one ecobabybuys (or one of those other deal-a-day sites) had it for 50% off.... and I regret not getting one sooner! My son just got his first 2 teeth - and no sign other than drool and chewing. No crying, no fussing. No paid. I credit the necklace. My hubby is just getting over a nasty cold, that he's had for over a week. I didn't get is as bad, but I was definitely sick - my son? Not even a hint of a stuffy nose. This necklace works miracles!