Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Liable is the Business World for the Behavior of the TSA? and How much are you willing to give up to be "safe"?

I've flown, total, maybe six times in my entire life.

I can honestly say, only one of those trips was of my own volition. The others were either business or I was not of an age to make a decision in my travel plans. I've heard people say you give up your fourth amendment rights when you purchase your plane ticket, that you don't have to fly.

I'm wondering, lately, what country I live in. I have a right, as an American citizen, to have a judge involved and reasonable suspicion proven before my privacy is violated. And granted, it may be a good ten years before I see the inside of a plan...maybe longer.

I have friends and loved ones that travel regularly, both for business and for pleasure. I'm starting to not be so jealous. It seems like more trouble than it's worth, to be honest. People seeing you naked...people grabbing your privates, people grabbing your babies privates, ignoring their screams. People being forced to remove breast prosthetics, people having their urology bags spilled on them. Rape victims being touched, touched, touched. 

CAIR releasing statements on how Muslim women can avoid the enhanced pat downs. 

So my question is this, people, if you are advocating for keeping us "safe" (more on that in a moment), who pays for the psychological trauma inflicted on a trip planned and paid for by a company? If the TSA agent decides to pull your shirt off and laugh at you, does the company that paid for the trip bear the responsibility for the sexual harassment suit? If a coworker happens to think your penis is less than noteworthy after seeing it on a backscatter x-ray, who takes the blame for exposing it? The TSA, or the company who put you in that position to begin with? It's going to happen. Someone is going to sue their boss for putting them on the plane that caused their trauma.

 Now, let's talk about these so called safety measures.

You have a 1 in 5,000 chance of dying in a car crash.
You have a 1  in 11,000,000 chance of dying on a plane. 

The same amount of people have died in a terror related event, since 1960, as have been killed by peanuts, lightning, and deer.

Do you eat peanut butter? Would you like a government agent to approve that for you each time you put it in your mouth?

Should a government agent greet each and every individual at their car every morning, to assure that they are in optimal driving condition? Do you see how ridiculous this is? People are advocating for the violation of other people's rights, based on "safety," when the reality is, your daily, un-government-approved activities are far more dangerous.

*deep sigh*

The terrorists are winning here, people. Many of us are terrified. If we are scared, they win.

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