Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why is facebook everywhere now?

I use an online calorie counter. It's part of life's punishment for having three children and being older than twenty. In order to stop my expanding bottom from mapping out the state of Texas, I have to watch what I eat. This morning for a treat, I sent my husband, with a coupon, to the local McDonald's.

No, it's not the same one we had trouble with last time.

As I plugged my egg mcmuffin into the counter, the dreaded Facebook button popped up. Do you want to share this on Facebook?

Um, no, why would I? Does anyone I went to high school  with care what I ate for breakfast? They probably want to know that as much as I want to know what piece they need to finish their barn in Farmville. (Every time I see a request for a nail, I think, "so go to Home Depot, what do I care?")

 This damn facebook thing is everywhere. People are telling me where they are. As much as I question the wisdom of hanging an "I'm not home, come rob me" sign all over the world, I'm not going to be too critical. I've done some stupid things in my day.

 It's even invaded Cafemom. I answer a question about kids and diarrhea, and up pops the button. Share this question, and your answer, on Facebook.

 Do you all really care that I just told some lady to keep her kid hydrated and on the BRAT diet? I'm going with no.

 Don't get me wrong, I love it for its good points. I love seeing my old classmates hugging their babies, traveling around the world, and seemingly on top of it. I love getting wished a happy birthday by people I haven't seen since 1997. I love the chance to whine about my childrens' exploding toy box and have some adult commiseration.

 I just wish people would use a little more common sense while sharing.

And that those damn "share" buttons would go the way of the scrunchie.

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