Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat Safety...

Disclaimer: it is against the law to use the Megan's Law websites to harass, intimidate, or otherwise torment the nasty little deviants. I'm just saying.

Well, moving past the whole "witches are going to  poison your kids on Halloween" myth. (They aren't. Seriously.) There's actually a REAL and more present danger out there...the sex offender. They are all over the place, they are your neighbors, they work around you. So before you take your little ghosts and goblins out in search of a sugar high, don't forget to check out your local Megan's Law site. Especially if you are heading to a relative's house (as I am), and you don't have a good idea of the neighborhood.

Safety first.

 And it might not be a bad idea for you to check out the list, if you're a single lady or ever walk alone.


Letsgetreal said...

What this article doesn't mention is, "there has NEVER been a trick or treater molested by a registered sex offender in this country. NOT ONE! EVER!

Halloween: Watch out for bogeyman

Beware the Halloween bogeyman! by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.

The New Urban Myth---The Danger of Registered Sex Offenders at Halloween - CFC Guest Forum - Citizens for Legislative Change-Oklahoma

.Elizabeth Letourneau, a researcher with the Medical University of South Carolina's Family Services Research Center in Charleston, S.C., said, "There is zero evidence to support the idea that Halloween is a dangerous date for children in terms of child molestation."

"These findings raise questions about the wisdom of diverting law-enforcement resources to attend to a problem that does not appear to exist," the study concluded.

"Literally thousands of articles have been published in recent years about the danger presented by registered sex offenders at Halloween. Absent from all of them has been any mention of any specific incident in which a registered sex offender has attacked a Trick-or-Treater---not one, ever! "

"...a better use of police on Halloween night would be to help protect children from traffic.

Edward said...

Never been one? Great!! Let's keep it that way!

lovinangels said...

Absolutely, let's keep it that way! Avoid those known addresses like the plague!

and, Letsgetreal, for real, you take YOUR children to their house trick or treating. I'm going to use all the resources available to keep my babies safe. An article that's over a year old can hardly be counted as accurate, not to mention, since most cases go unreported, unless you are all seeing, you can't know that.

Sex offenders have the HIGHEST rate of all criminals re-offending (yes, poof, produce a study that says it isn't so! There are a small amount out there).

You choose to stand up for the animals. I choose to stand up for the children.

I win.

Edward said...

On a plus side they probably have the best candy...

Isabella LeCour said...

Checking out the list is a good idea for any parent, no matter the time of the year. Paedophiles don't stop just because they are on parole. And not everyone one that list has harmed children, so even the dating singles should check the list to make sure their new flame isn't a rapist. I'd rather be forearmed and forewarned than sorry.

Dottie said...

I agree, its better to know where they are so you can avoid trouble. Very good post!