Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm hot on the trail of the next big thing.

I've found it, girls.

I don't know exactly how to produce it, or how practical it is, but there has got to be a way to make this happen. Who's with me? I'm talking about a power tool that entices men to do dishes. Yes, I have heard of a dishwasher, but the nationwide abysmal results of male usage as opposed to female usage means there's definitely market for some new technology. The ideal piece of equipment would be shaped like a gun, (duh), make a powerful noise when started, (double duh), and be completely and thoroughly upgradeable to incorporate all the household chores that a girl could need help with.

New upgrades means the tool will be able to hold the attention of the user for more than .5 seconds.

 I'm telling you, this could make millions. A drill that washes dishes. A table saw that folds laundry. Wives everywhere will be in my debt...

 Unless there's already an app on the android market, or maybe an iphone app?
Is there an app for that?
photobucket photo courtesy of ammoelf3

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