Monday, September 20, 2010

Vichyssoise and Bad Parenting

Today, I'm a bad mom.

 It's been one of those weeks. I came down with a horrible stomach bug on Saturday. (I won't horrify you with the details). Suffice it to say, three days later and I still feel like Mr. Lovinangels somehow managed to run me over with his dying Bronco. I've managed with the kids, in some bizarre fugue state, my shiny floors covered in chalk and tiny foot prints, my children in varying states of disarray.

Fortunately, it's nice out, so they think that this has been the best weekend EVER. Miss TweenAngel had a half day today, and the kids spent the afternoon enjoying the last official golden day of summer buried in the miniature tent fortress daddy spent yesterday building, and they are happier than pigs in, well, you know.

I misjudged the amount of food we had on hand.

This is never good.

 At the end of searching through the cupboards, and a considerable amount of cursing, (remember, the kids were outside)  in a vain attempt to locate the package of chicken I knew we had, we wound up to doing meatless Monday.

Now, I have guilt.

Why, I'm not sure.  I think it may have something to do with the fact that we just ate the whitest supper in the history of the world. I'm hardwired to believe that white=bad. It may also be that I didn't CHOOSE to eat vegetarian tonight, I was forced to because of poor planning. That may be it. Or it may be because I just fed my kids potato soup for dinner.

Potatoes=Bad. Yummy, but pathetically lacking in nutrition. Now, granted, the soup was phenomenal, really gorgeous, and loaded with veggies other than potatoes, pureed to a fabulous silky smoothness and topped with cream. The little buggers were in heaven.

I served it with homemade, crusty dinner rolls, also made with white flour, from leftover dough from my cancelled Saturday night dinner.

 I'm going to parental nutritional hell. To make it worse, and to cover my poor planning, I've taken to calling the soup by it's French name.

Vichyssoise. Should mean fattening empty calories disguised as soup.

Do you think the kids will be mad when I nix dessert in favor of sliced raw veggies?

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