Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do YOU know how much interest the US is paying on Chinese debt?

 Mr. Lovinangels and I do not borrow money.

 Outside of my student loans, which I'm still paying, and my car loan, which was had simply in an effort to repair credit, we live a debt free existence. I pay our bills, every month, on time, without fail.

This national debt really bothers me. Especially when, if our budget faces a shortfall, I stop buying soda.

 Congress is still drinking soda on our dime. Every single day they are in session, the hypocrites enjoy soda and bottled water on our dime. You can fight the food stamp/ welfare fight all you want, I'm convinced that I could spend two hours with the national budget and have a surplus.

And some pretty pissed off Congressmen. Screw the marsh mice and buy your own lunch.

 I had a thought the other day. We were having a typically one sided conversation over on Cafemom, and it went something like this.

Evidently some of the stimulus package is going to pay for a study on how to teach African men how to properly wash an uncircumcised penis after sex to help prevent the spread of HIV.

 Deal with that for a minute.

At the risk of traumatizing my family members who would read this, I'm not going to go too far into this, but seriously? Is it that much different from washing a circumcised penis? And if it really, truly is, why are American taxpayers paying for African penises? Surely there are some homeland penises that could use the funds?

 But that got me much are these Chinese loans really costing us? You know, what's the interest rate? How many years? When will we be done? Fixed or variable?

 Since it's technically MY loan, as an American, you'd think the info would be out there for us.

Well, I can't find it. Anywhere.

 I even asked a question on CM. Nothing. I called my Congressman. His office doesn't know, either, but they are going to try to find out for me. Seriously? It's an interest rate. I'm not asking for the location of the Presidential emergency bunker.

I do know that we are making 450 Billion dollars in interest payments alone each year, and that number is only going up. I'm thinking I can figure out the terms with the little bit of info that's out there, but the question is, why isn't our loan out where we can see it?

Are they afraid we are going to  be mad at them for making a crappy business deal? Is China some big loan shark collecting a 30 percent interest on a loan that truly has no end?

Are the Congressional sodas costing us ten dollars a piece after you factor in interest?

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